Thread Lifting

Enhance your facial features by lifting and tightening

Thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that offers a minimally invasive alternative to surgery.

Thread lifts can tighten your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face and then “pulling” your skin up by tightening the thread.

We offer a few selections of thread lifting method, one of which is NCOG lift where a double needle is used to achieve immediate lifting effect. These threads are special/patented, absorbable and made out of  PDO (Polydioxanone)

Benefit :

  • Nose enhancement
  • V -Shaping of face

Before & After

What You Should Know About Thread Lifting

The procedure for thread lift may be slightly different depending on the area you’re targeting as well as your provider’s preferences.

Topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin as it’s prepped for surgery. A thin needle or cannula will be used to insert the threads underneath your skin. Inserting the threads can take 30 to 45 minutes. After the threads are inserted, the method of insertion will be removed. You may feel light pressure or tightening under your skin. Within a few minutes of the needles being taken out, your procedure will be complete and you’ll be free to go home or back to work.

After a thread lift, you may experience some bruising, swelling , minor bleeding and slight pain at the site of the thread injection.  You can go back to work right away if you’d like.

Results should be apparent right after the threads are put into place, but you may notice more in the days and weeks right after they are inserted, as swelling and bruising starts to subside.

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